Your LED sign user’s manual is a wealth of helpful information. While your installation contractor will make sure your sign is set up, programmed and functioning properly, you should know how to manage the display to get the most out of your investment.


Start by reading your user’s manual. Here are the top four reasons you should:

1. You’ll Learn How to Make Your Sign Safe

Even though studies have shown that LED signs are not a safety threat and don’t cause distracted driving, some cities and towns have regulations on brightness levels. The goal is to communicate your message without causing a glare that would blind passing drivers. Check your manual to find out how to adjust color, contrast and brightness levels.

2. You’ll Learn How to Use the Software

Your digital sign installation contractor will probably offer free software training to help you get started with publishing digital content. But when you’re on your own, the owner’s manual can help you figure out the details if you forget certain steps or want to try something new.

From inserting images and video to deleting old files, reference your owner’s manual for answers to all of your software questions.

3. You’ll Learn How to Adjust Date and Time

Is a time change coming up? Do you want to alter how the date is displayed? Your LED sign user’s manual can help you keep your sign updated. Sometimes you need to know how to make minor adjustments quickly, and that’s what your reference documents can help teach you.

4. You’ll Learn How to Keep Content Protected

It’s normal to be concerned about content security, especially in this modern age where identity theft and hacking are major issues. Use your LED sign user’s manual to help you manage passwords and add users. You can feel confident that your digital content and advertising information is fully guarded from outside threats.

Do You Need Help?

While your digital sign is fully programmed to work without issue, sometimes a glitch may come up that you do not know how to handle. If you have checked all the related documents and you can’t find a solution, call Freedom LED, Utah’s premier digital display installation and maintenance team.

When your LED sign user’s manual isn’t enough, Freedom LED will give you the help you need to keep your display powered up, functioning and performing the way it should.