Digital billboards are dynamic. They’re modern. And they are designed to catch the eye of drivers, pedestrians and all other potential clients who pass by.

If you’re considering installing a digital billboard for your business, the first step is to learn about what they can do for you. What makes digital billboards more effective than other forms of advertising? Why put your marketing funds into buying one? Here are five reasons that can help you decide if a digital billboard is a good advertising choice for your company.


You Control the Message

You control the message being sent to your audience 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Sure, you also control the advertising messages sent across different media like television, radio and print, but with digital billboards it is not only what is being communicated, but when.

You can time your messages down to the minute, making sure every sale is advertised and every special offer is highlighted in advance.

You aren’t competing with other advertising messages on the airwaves either ― you have the full attention of your audience every minute of every day.

You Have a Guaranteed Audience

Speaking of an audience, digital billboards provide you a guaranteed group of prospective customers. When area residents are driving to work, commuting to school or walking to the corner store, they are going to see your advertisement. They can’t help it ― the brightly lit, colorful display just grabs their attention.

Every day you get to take advantage of vehicular and foot traffic passing by your installation, adding more impressions which will translate to more sales.

Long-Term Investment vs. Short-Term Cost

When you pay a television station to run an ad, it abides by your contract and airs the commercial for a set period of time. But when that time period runs out, your money is spent and payback is over.

With an outdoor advertising display, you may spend more cash up front, but you will see a return for decades. This is the difference between an investment and a cost. You will increase your business’ value without shrinking your marketing budget year after year.

Ease of Connectivity

With integrated modern technology, digital billboards allow you to add content and graphics easily from your computer. You also can add social media posts, pictures of work you’ve done, products you offer and more. It’s not difficult to learn and master digital billboard management, especially when you can get free technical training as well.

Build Your Reputation

This advertising method does not only convey your current message, it tells the next generation of consumers that your company is competent, modern and up to date. You’re building a reputation with your investment, one that speaks to your ability to stay contemporary and in touch with customer interests and needs.

Talk to the team at Freedom LED to learn more about digital billboards, the process of installation and operation and how investing in one could completely revolutionize your long-term marketing plan.