Don’t worry – the LED sign you just invested in is going to drastically improve your company’s community reach. You’ll have more potential customer interest, a higher profile and a more professional appearance. It’s worth the cost.

But you can’t simply install an LED sign and forget about it. A certain amount of maintenance is required, however minimal, and if a weather event or other disaster causes a breakdown, you need to know how to repair your investment fast, reducing the time your LED sign is spent offline.

LED sign documents

Keep the following documents in a place that’s easy to get to — and easy to remember. You don’t want to spend hours tracking down information when you need assistance with your LED sign.

Manufacturer Guidelines

First of all, keep your LED sign user guide close by so you can read the manufacturer’s recommendations for upkeep. Even if you won’t be handling maintenance yourself, having the manufacturer’s guidelines at the ready will be of great assistance to any contractor you hire to take care of any issues that may come up.

Knowing the sign’s exact specifications will speed up the ordering of any replacement parts, getting your sign back in working order as soon as possible.

Local Permit Paperwork

Depending on where you are located, you probably had to submit an application to the city or town and obtain a permit to legally complete the installation. Make sure you keep a photocopy of your original, completed application on hand, as well as the approved permit. If you run into any legal snafus, you will want to be able to access this information quickly.

Troubleshooting Contact

Who should you call if you can’t figure out how to change the message or fix a malfunction in the system? Make sure you have the contact information of the troubleshooting team who can help, whether that’s the sign’s original manufacturer, the contractor that completed the installation or both.

Warranty Information

If you got a high-quality LED sign, you will have gotten comprehensive warranty coverage to go along with it. The documentation outlining what’s covered and for how long is vital to ensure you don’t pay for anything out of pocket unnecessarily.

Maintain all warranty documents in an organized folder along with the rest of the papers on this list and you will never worry about sign repairs and maintenance, getting in trouble with the local authorities, not knowing who to call in the middle of a technical breakdown or forgetting about your warranty coverage — it will all take care of itself.

Talk to Freedom LED if you need LED sign installation or updates and repairs to your current sign.