Investing in LED business signs can pay off for companies — it’s a fact. In today’s modern world of constant technological advances, chasing down new advertising avenues can take the attention away from many important principles of marketing.


Don’t stop looking for new ways to market your business, but don’t neglect tried-and-true principles of effective marketing, either. One of the primary ways you can increase sales and revenue is to invest in a prominent, aesthetically pleasing LED sign — a combination of modern advancement and traditional logic. How do LED business signs help your company? Here are the top four ways:

Increases Local Visibility

Have you ever accidentally stumbled on a new favorite restaurant or retail store and wondered, “How did I not know about this place before?”

As an ambitious business owner, your goal is to make sure all possible potential customers know what your business does, where it is located and how your business’ services could benefit them. If potential clients are not aware of those three points of information, each day that passes is an opportunity lost.

LED business signs can be a beacon for your business, thwarting the problem of local invisibility while at the same time communicating a message around your business’ purpose and appeal. It’s not just an ad on the radio — customers physically see the building and file it away in their memory.

Communication on Your Terms

It takes a significant amount of time to put together a marketing campaign for radio, television or the Internet. You hone your message with precision, and time the release according to holiday sales, the weather and many other factors.

Due to all the steps involved in creating and publishing ads, it’s no wonder your messages may occasionally miss their mark with your intended client base, arriving too early or too late.

With LED business signs, you control the 24-hour communication you have with your potential customers — change the message at any time and customize it to see the maximum payoff for your effort. You don’t have to adhere to a marketing publication industry’s guidelines — you can put your company’s unique spin on the message because you are in control.

Don’t Compete — Set Your Business Apart

Consumers hear and see many advertising messages every day across various media. While these advertising channels may pay off with new clients eventually, with an LED business sign you can immediately make a difference in how your business is perceived.

When your potential customer drives down the previously boring stretch of road surrounding your business, your message stands out. It doesn’t have to compete with any other similar products and businesses on the radio waves. The sign will make an original impression on your potential clients because they won’t only read the advertisement, they’ll know exactly where to go to access what your business offers. In their minds, you will immediately become the nearby authority on the topic.

Let Customers See Authenticity

LED business signs don’t only market, they help build relationships. You don’t have to use the sign for 24/7 advertising. You can add unique elements that portray the character and personality of your company and the people who work with you.

Broadcast links to your social media pages and show pictures of past events or happy customers. You have the ability to reach the consumer on an authentic, personal level, which inspires trust and promotes loyalty.

Contact Freedom LED for more information on LED business signs and how they can positively transform your business’s marketing efforts.