It’s time to start planning out your LED display content scheme, now that you’ve invested thousands in your top-of-the-line LED sign.

What does your company have to say? How will you say it? What will catch the eye of potential customers?

LED display content

It’s OK if you aren’t yet sure about the answers to these questions, but you must understand the importance of your LED display content — it’s one of the main factors affecting the total payoff of your investment.

While you’re designing and writing your first LED display content ad, learn which common mistakes to avoid and you will be headed in the right direction.

Be Timely

Your LED display board is your very own advertising vehicle. It’s exciting to put out your first message and see the sales come pouring in, but this isn’t always how it works, especially if you neglect to think about the timing of your message.

If you’re having a sale next week, the time to advertise is not then, it’s now. You must give your customers advance notice of your event. Finding a balance takes time, but always make sure your messages are broadcast neither too early nor too late, and you’ll see the largest resulting turnout.

No Design Is Better Than Bad Design

Don’t spend a large chunk of your marketing funds on an LED sign only to skimp on the graphic design for your digital messages. Simply having an LED display board isn’t enough to convince your potential customers you are in touch with what’s modern and advanced — you have to prove it with sleek, contemporary font choices and graphics.

Make sure the creative software you’re depending on is easy to control and produces the eye-catching results you need. Consider hiring an advertising graphic designer to assist if you personally lack skills in the field of graphic arts.

Don’t Cloud the Message

The layout of your content is extremely important as well, especially if you only have a few seconds to make an impression to drivers passing by. Don’t put up a paragraph of text. Keep your message short, simple and catchy.

Only add pictures and video when it helps underline your point. Too much information will result in zero retention and will not make a memorable impression.

Never Stay the Same

Think about the people who drive by your business every day. After they’ve read the same message three days in a row, they’re ready for something new. Once you’ve lost an audience due to boredom, you’ve lost the game.

Constant updates aren’t only recommended, they’re vital when it comes to LED display content planning. Every day, consider how you can refresh your sign’s display and draw eyes to your message all over again.

Talk to Freedom LED about how to structure an LED display content plan that you can execute successfully, and that results in positive payback in the form of sales.