Could a monument sign make the difference you’ve been looking for? The answer is simple: Yes.

In communities where it’s difficult to find modern signage that complies with building code, a monument sign can be the answer.

What Is a Monument Sign?

A monument sign is a free-standing structure that advertises your company. They’re usually mounted on a base constructed of faux or real stone, brick or wood.

These products come in all different styles. Some may have pillars and portray a traditional, classic look, while some may have more of a sleek, modern design.

A Dependable Advertising Method

Many business owners make the mistake of downplaying an exterior sign’s importance. They may place television, radio and other forms of advertising higher on their priority list.

In reality, investing in an outdoor sign, especially a high-quality product like a monument sign, is any company’s best form of advertising.

This product can deliver 24/7 marketing benefits, especially when equipped with up-to-date LED display screen advertising current sales, offers and events. In addition, while an ad sent out over the radio waves may not reach your desired target base of potential consumers, future customers who pass by your business will see your sign every day.

They will be more likely to turn to you when they need services in your industry — you’re right in their neighborhood!

Call Attention to Your Business

A monument sign is great for companies set far back off the roadway. When drivers can’t see your building from the street, you need a noticeable, yet dignified, way to let those passing by know where you are and what kind of services you offer.

Don’t miss out on guaranteed advertising impressions by choosing not to invest in an highly visible, attractive sign.

Also, this type of signage is usually easily viewed from ground level. If your building is near a stoplight or an area where traffic is slow, this type of display is perfect — drivers can read the information while waiting at the light, and your location will stick in their memory.

LED Digital Technology Is Easily Integrated

A monument sign is the perfect way to mesh classic design with modern technology. Whether you would prefer LED channel lettering or an entire LED display board, this sign is sturdy enough to accommodate any preference.

Invest in an attractive yet pragmatic LED monument sign today — talk to the team at Freedom LED to find out more about the design options available for you.