Are LED sign problems plaguing your business? Malfunctions in a high-quality product are rare, but breakdowns are possible. Additionally, weather extremes and other types of damage can cause problems with the display. Troubleshooting and repairing the issues quickly is your main priority when your sign isn’t working.

LED sign problems

Ensure You Have Warranty Coverage

To begin, locate and thoroughly read your warranty. Part of the reason it is essential to invest in a product with a good warranty is due to the potential for damage. If your sign is malfunctioning, talk to the original issuer of the warranty about making repairs or replacing the bad parts.

The Screen Will Not Function

If the screen will not light up at all, check that the digital billboard has power. Each system has specific voltage requirements. If the sign runs on an incorrect increased voltage power source, eventually the intricate metal wiring can become damaged and blow out. Too little voltage may cause occasional lapses in function as well.

The size of the wires must be appropriate to the system as well. Smaller wires will not transmit adequate voltage to the sign, and the wires may begin to melt. If the sign is receiving sufficient power with the proper voltage and does not display anything, a complex hardware issue may be the reason for the breakdown.

Error Messages

If the screen is simply showing an error message, the problem may lie in the content itself. Make sure the file is sized properly and saved as the correct file type. Loose cable connections could also cause lapse in function ― call a professional who can inspect the connections.

LED Modules or Cables are Broken

If the screen is working but shows a scrambled, pixelated picture on one portion or multiple sections of the screen, the data ports in the LED module or the data cables transmitting the information may need to be replaced.

Call Your Manufacturer or Supplier for Solutions

If you work with a reputable company, not only will you have limited LED sign problems to begin with, you will also enjoy constant support from their troubleshooting team. Make sure to invest in a sign produced by a manufacturer and installed by professionals that collectively offers immediate resolutions to all potential issues.

Discuss your LED sign problems with Freedom LED, and you will find answers to all of your questions, along with fast, affordable repair services you can count on to keep your digital billboard functioning around the clock.