Take the next step: See what an LED sign can do for your organization or business instead of simply reading about it.

By making an investment today, you can see a payoff that stretches for years, maybe even decades into the future. The following companies, municipal buildings and other organizations can put LED signs to good use, helping them form better relationships with clients, customers, students, patients and more.

popular LED signs


It’s OK if parents forget when exam week is coming up — they get a reminder from the outdoor LED sign they drive by on their way to work. Schools are a central part of children’s and teenagers’ lives, with activities and events that continue throughout the year. Putting messages on an electronic board is a helpful way to offer updates to families and the surrounding community about what’s going on when.


Churches can use an LED sign to announce the weekly sermon topic, highlight upcoming events or share an uplifting message to encourage the community throughout the week. A digital display makes a church stand out and gets the attention of passersby.

Gas Stations

Are you sick of climbing up and changing the numbers every time gas prices fluctuate? Enter the modern age with a digital sign, and you’ll be able to make the change with a few clicks on your laptop. You’ll save time and your prices will be accurate, possibly resulting in more business.

Car Dealerships

Too many people pass by your car dealership without giving it a second glance. It’s not because they aren’t looking for a new set of wheels — it’s because they don’t know about your current sales, lease discount prices or what models you have in stock. Let drivers know that you have the best prices and customer service in town by advertising it on a big electronic message screen, complete with graphics and video.


If you operate a bank, you know how important it is for your current and potential clients to trust you and appreciate your authority on many subjects. Why not provide the community with more than just banking services?

With an LED sign, you don’t have to display only one message. You can report the weather forecast, the current temperature, the time and date, and more. You also could advertise your latest high-interest savings account rate, just for good measure.


Libraries are the heart of a community. They’re where families go for entertainment as well as knowledge. Encourage friendship and a love for learning by advertising book groups, children’s story times and other events, and keep the community coming back for more. A digital display can help you communicate messages to more people.

A multitude of other companies and organizations can enjoy the benefits from an LED sign too, including medical professional groups, retail stores and more. Contact Freedom LED to find out the specifics regarding sign installation on your property.